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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Liz frightens patrons on Friday the 13th!


Last Friday we held a haunted library night from 8 till 11pm. There were three teams and three sets of clues and riddles to solve. Each team also had a list of quotes and had to find out what story each one came from in order to win.

Everyone who came got free pizza but the winning team got a package of good stuff to go with it. All in all, I think it was a fun night. At least, I had fun doing it. I got to read two classic works from Edgar Allen Poe (19th century horror/suspense writer). They were The Raven, a long poem featuring a talking bird and A Tell-Tale Heart, a short story where a madman tries to convince the reader that he's not crazy by describing how reasonably he murdered his employer. Sound fun?

Liz (Student Employee Extraordinaire) and Tiffany (Student Page About To Venture Across the Land) also read stories. In all, there were six stories to be heard, the two that I read and the four listed here:

  • Battlegrounds by Stephen King (about an assassin who gets attacked by a troop of G.I. Joe figurines)
  • The Man from the South by Roahl Dahl (about a guy who has a gambling habit that includes winning actual human fingers)
  • Blue Beard by Charles Perrault (a classic story about a... ahem... slightly controlling husband with a dark secret)
  • Strawberry Spring by Stephen King (a short story made into an even shorter movie - about six minutes - about a college campus set on its ear by a mass murderer)
  • And Liz really did scare people. Just ask Randy if you see him in the library. ;)


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