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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Popcorn anyone?

Friday, August 20th we had our second last Pizza Programme of the summer. I guess Pizza Programme was a bit of a misnomer for this one as we watched a movie and ate popcorn - no pizza in sight.

We watched Thirteen, a movie about - you guessed it - a thirteen year old girl who, in an effort to be 'cool', falls in with a scene that has her getting way out of control. If you're a little older, a movie about younger teens might sound a little cheezy but I think most people would be surprised. It's pretty hardcore and doesn't gloss over any of the trouble she gets into. In the end you see how letting the wrong people into your life can go bad in a hurry.

We had a small but interested - and interesting - group in to watch and share their thoughts on the movie and all had a good time. At least they all said they had a good time, but I'm an adult, so most younger teens say what they think I want to hear!

If you're intrigued with the movie, engage your mouse finger and check it out at

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