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Saturday, September 04, 2004

So it's that evil time of year again...

So the S-word is back in action this week for most of you. That means no more lazy days hanging out with nothing to do. That also means back to all the extra-curricluar activities that you like to do or have to do depending on how pushy your parents are. (You can't tell me that some of you aren't unwilling virtuoso's on the piano when all you ever asked for was a set of drums) .

This time of year also means new stuff going on at the library. New stuff for kids, new books and yes, new stuff for teens to do in the TeenRoom. So, whether your mom forces you to come or whether you already know how cool hanging out in the TeenRoom is, we hope you'll include some of our programmes in your array of extracurricular craziness.

Here's a random listing of some of the things we're planning or thinking about planning for the coming school year. Keep in mind that none of these are set in stone, so if you see something that looks good - LET ME KNOW! - or I'm liable to cut if from the list without warning.

Stuff to do in the TeenRoom:

  1. Join the Teen Advisory Board
  2. Get your teacher to bring your class for a visit. Just think about the actual work that you'll get out of!
  3. Sign up for our Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest
  4. Ask about the Artist of the Month
  5. Get involved in the Youth/Council Cooperative
  6. Finishing high school next June? Plan to come to our Futures Day in November.
  7. Look for our Author Talks coming in the fall. We're hoping to get two canadian authors, one novelist and one graphic novelist.
  8. Any other wonderful programmes that our wee brains can come up with!

That's enough... bye!!


  • At 12:40 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think they all sound fantastic! I can't wait!


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