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Thursday, October 14, 2004


Right on!

Now you can bring back your severely overdue library books for free! During Library Week which is October 18 to 24, all library late fees will be forgiven when the books are returned. So haul out that book that you've been pretending you don't see under your bed, dust it off and return it to any branch of the library - no charge!

Actually, scratch the dusting if you want. We'll even take your dust bunnies. We just want the books.

FYI: If you get overdues when we don't have Forgiveness Days on, you might like to know that our fines are really huge! It'll cost you a whole paycheck just to return one lousy magazine!
Late fines are 10 cents a library open day per item. So, if you have three things overdue by five days, that'll give you a whopping $1.50 in late charges. And you can return books at any branch. So, even if you picked it up in Milford, you can return it to Bloomfield, for example.

Better idea: Take advantage of Forgiveness Days and celebrate Library Week (Oct 18 to 24) by returning your antique overdues - NO CHARGE!

That's all. bye. :)


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